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Hood - Perfume Genius You would never call me baby If you knew me truly Oh, but I waited so long for your love I am scared baby that I can't keep it up for long Oh, I wish I grew up the second I first held you in my arms Undern...

Love Struck Me Down 挺好听的一首情歌,希望采纳

bruno mars 的marry you just the way you are 歌词挺应景的 Could This Be love 艾薇儿结婚时用的 新婚快乐

so sick-Neyo,很有名的一首。 Unperfect Love,不知道适不适合结婚用。不过不错 Candy Bling,We Belong Together, I Stay In Love最爱的玛丽亚凯莉 loving you 都是很耳熟能详的歌曲。 希望你喜欢

Ai Se Eu Te Pego Kiss The Stars Good Time 你的我 我得你 One More Time Yesterday - 朴慧京

Bruno Mars的Marry You Devotion乐队的 My Prayer http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/hPj4_FO6BU8/?bid=03&pid=02&resourceId=0_03_05_02 Marc Terenzi在婚礼上唱给Sarah Connor的歌:Love to be loved by you

laura pausini ---《one more time》 Evanescence---《hello》 Crustation--《Ride on》 Xandria---《Eversleeping》 Hayley Westenra---《Never Say Goodbye》 Within Temptation---《Memories》

~贾斯汀.比伯 ~王若琳 ~陈慧琳 ~L.L ~Gala

My heart will go on Burning We'll be together

not alone – EMIN shooting stars – Lissy

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